Thursday, November 27, 2008

Perfect Enlightenment Sutra

Chapter One,

This is Buddha's verse to Manjusri in answer to his question on the nature of the enlightened mind.

Manjusri, you should know
that all those who have thus come
and thus gone,
from their original–arising causal ground,
use wisdom to enlighten
and penetrate ignorance.
Realizing that ignorance is like
a flower in the sky,
they are thus liberated from the continuing
cycle of birth and death.
Like a person seen in a dream who
cannot be found when the dreamer awakens,
awareness is like empty space.
It is impartial and equal, and ever unmoving.
When enlightenment pervades all ten directions,
the Buddha Path is accomplished.
There is no place where illusions vanish,
and there is no attainment
in accomplishing the Buddha Path,
for the intrinsic nature is already wholly complete.
By this, bodhisattvas
can give rise to the bodhi–mind.
Sentient beings in the Dharma Ending Age
through this practice will avoid erroneous views.

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Barry said...

Thank you for posting this very subtle chapter, Paul.